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CEO / School President ext. 1123 Mr. Anthony McHenry
Chief Academic Officer ext. 1188 Mr. Chris Schwab
Chief Financial Officer ext. 1132 Ms. Bonny Wesson
Finance and Operations Coordinator ext. 1121 Mr. Jason Beard
Development & Community Engagement Manager ext.1122 Ms. Tresca Meiling
Principal K4-5th ext. 2224 Mr. Michael Beaudoin
Achievement Director K4-1st ext. 1107 Mrs. Karen Penvose
Achievement Director 2nd-5th ext. 1134 Mrs. Staci Gruse
Principal 6th-8th ext. 3305 Mrs. Kristi Bachar
Achievement Director 6th-8th ext. 3306 Mrs. Cynthia Schoonover
Principal 9th-12th ext. 5121 Mr. Tom Schalmo
Executive Assistant ext 1106 Mrs. Jordynn Feiereisen
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Office Staff

Admin Assistant K4 - 5th ext. 1196

Heather Polinske

Admin Assistant 6th - 8th ext. 3324

Elizabeth Santiago

Admin Assistant 9th - 12th ext. 1500

Taylor Merryfield

Customer Service/Staff Support ext. 1100

Lanika Wilburn

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Student Support Team

Bus Coord / Student Support Specialist K4-1st ext. 1136 Calvin Thomas
Dean of Students ext. 1105 DeAnna Utsey
Student Support Specialist 2nd - 5th ext. 2241 Britney Smith
K4-1 Security ext. 1137 Antwan Tolar

Student Support & Parent Engagement Specialist

ext. 3325 Santino Laster
2-5 Security ext. 2241 DJ Thompson
9-12 Security ext. 5203 Agape Keys
K-5 Building Sub ext.  
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Special Education

SPED Coordinator K-12 ext. 5122 Monica Veitch
SPED Assistant   Melanie Facinger
SPED Assistant   Melissa Pietrzak
SPED Assistant   Salematu Morray
Primary SPED ext. 1133 Omar Choudhury
Elementary SPED ext. 1130 Rebekah L. Orlofski
Elementary SPED ext. 1130 Lisa Pereles
Elementary SPED ext. 1133 Tracy Weiher
Junior Academy SPED ext. 3311 Elizabeth Gotstein
Junior Academy SPED ext. 3330

Alana Floyd

HS SPED ext. 5212 Erica Halley
Speech/Language ext. 1130 Christa Vargas
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Intervention Teachers

Reading Teacher

Reading Teacher

Reading Teacher

ext. 2200

ext. 1130

ext. 1130

Jen Bertoni

Maddie Stenz

Christine Ratajczyk

Americorps Volunteer Coordinator ext. 1108

Eddie Cannedy

Americorps Members   Ashley Miner, Constance Nelson, Jeff VanDreel

K4 Teachers

ext. 1102 Katee Bartel
ext. 1114     Andrea Valenti
ext. 1139 Melissa Konieczny
K4 Assistant Tashiana Webb
K4 Assistant Takoya McNeil
K4 Assistant Connie Storm
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K5 Teachers

ext. 1110 Samantha Schwartz
ext. 1125 Katie Huber
ext. 1124 Megan Kaupla
ext. 1120 Katie Newhart
ext. 1136 Madeleine Jones
K5 Assistant Cara Bond
K5 Assistant Erik Johnson
K5 Assistant Tanea Wilkinson
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Grade 1 Teachers

ext. 2228 Katie Parchem
ext. 1101 Kaila Schram
ext. 2232 Lauren Richards
ext. 2231 Emilie McClure
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Grade 2 Teachers

ext. 2209 Nicole Stuessi
ext. 2204 Erin Nelson
ext. 2208 Alyssa Murray
ext. 2203 Loreal Smith
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Grade 3 Teachers

ext. 2235 Maggy Lynch
ext. 2215 Julia Fornetti
ext. 2239 Levi Lovang
ext. 2234 Casey Geimer
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Grade 4 Teachers

ext. 2222 Brittany Whallin
ext. 2223 Jennifer Stumm
ext. 2240 Caroline Terrell
ext. 2202 4th/5th Split Hannah Johnson
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Grade 5 Teachers

ext. 2202 4th/5th Split Hannah Johnson
ext. 2201 Megan Linscott
ext. 2221 Kayla Pipho
ext. 2220 Sam Curtis
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Junior Academy Staff

6th Grade Language Arts ext. 3312 Patrick Rooney
7th Grade Language Arts ext. 3304 Adam Gruse
8th Grade Language Arts ext. 3332 Laura Taylor
6th & 7th Grade Science ext. 3334 Rachel Soika
7th & 8th Grade Science ext. 3331 Andrew Faber
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies ext 3336 Ryan DeValk
6th & 7th Grade Social Studies ext. 3333 Matthew Umstot
6th Grade Math ext. 3309 Ryan Jones
8th Grade Math ext. 3319 David Ziegelbauer
7th Grade Math ext. 3308 Catherine Ryou
7th Grade Writing ext. 3328 Danielle Pradarelli
JA Comp Lab ext. 3320  
Chromebook/Computer Lab ext. 3304  
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High School Staff

Guidance Counselor ext. 5207 Lisa Youngvorst
Spanish ext. 5204 Samantha Skrove
English ext. 5107 Reggie Bell
English ext. 5111 Kristin Frew
English ext. 5112 Jill Braun
Science ext. 5211 Kevin Paprocki
Science ext. 5104 Aviva Browning
Science ext. 5206 Chris Tiling
Science ext. 5109 Robb Jackson
Social Studies ext. 5106 Jim Ward
Social Studies ext. 5210 Matt Troilo
Math ext. 5202  
Math ext. 5201 Lucy Costigan
Math ext. 5208 Randy Tuescher
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STEM ex. 2230 Amanda Ewenson
STEM ext. 2219 Matt Stadler
PE ext. 1147 Kurt Hansen
PE/Health 7th/8th gr ext. 1146 Joe Wilke
Technology ext. Beth Murphy
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Technology Team

Systems Administrator ext. 3303 Eric Wertzler
Technology Integrator/Analyst ext. 3302 Britani D'Alie
Library Media Specialist ext. 3322 Jean Hanrahan
Educational Technology Integrator K-12 ext. 3304 Adam Gruse


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Food Service

Food Service

933-0370 or

ext 4003

MCFI: Lawanda Miles