Mike's Story

"If we accept the axiom that children are our most valuable asset, then what they are taught and how they are taught is crucial to their growth and prosperity. Today's educators must adapt to a changing world. A school that emphasizes science and technology - unencumbered by the old bureaucracy - can achieve brilliant results. MAS is such a school and it deserves our support and commendation." Mike Bolger 

It was Mike Bolger’s desire for more African-Americans in the medical field that led to the development of the Milwaukee Academy of Science. As the president of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), he noticed that most of the minority students came from out of state. He was shocked to learn that out of the 1000 matriculants at MCW only 13 had come from Milwaukee Public Schools.

Mike Bolger and Tom Brophy, his Director of Community Relations, took this concern up with the then Mayor, John Norquist. Bolger shared that we were failing our inner city youth in the areas of science and math and urged the Mayor to do something about it. It was at that time that Mayor John Norquist suggested that they do something about it, perhaps by starting a charter school.

With that as a background, Bolger and Brophy assembled the presidents of local universities to see whether they would lend them some support in the area of primary and secondary education.  From this meeting, the Milwaukee Science Education Consortium was created in the summer of 2000.

Mike Bolger’s concern led to a full fledged academy where real science is being rigorously pursed by our scholars. We are committed to the proposition that every student is a learner. That is, every student who comes to us can learn what he or she needs to learn in order to excel at the post-secondary level. We can educate these scholars in science and math so that they can compete with and, in some cases, outperform any group of students in the state. We can, in the process, transform the way science is taught and learned in an urban setting.