Junior Academy

Our teachers are specialists and collaborators

At Milwaukee Academy of Science, we believe that quality instruction begins in each classroom and is supported by a building-wide culture of achievement. Our Junior Academy is departmentalized, so 6th-8th grade teachers are truly content-area specialists. Science and social studies teachers collaborate with our writing teachers to create meaningful and rigorous cross-curricular essays and projects that enable students to meet learning standards. We provide Junior Academy students with hands-on science instruction that is supported by our Science Director. Beyond the classroom, students participate in Sensational Science Night and our annual Science Fair.

These approaches—specialization, collaboration, and individualization—have proven successful in raising our test scores and preparing our students for high school and beyond.

We believe in individualized instruction

We expect our scholars to show dramatic academic gains throughout the year and believe that individualized instruction is essential to meet this goal. In 7th and 8th grade, reading and math classes are co-taught to allow for more individualized instruction through flexible grouping, pull-out intervention, and a lower teacher to student ratio. All students have a double reading block that allows for core instruction using Holt Elements of Literature, as well as independent reading of self-selected novels, small group literature circles, and practice with Compass Learning, an individualized computer program related to students’ scores on the NWEA’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.


At all levels, our mission is to graduate students who are equipped to compete successfully in the 21st century. Our curriculum strengthens communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem solving, all essential skills in science, technology, and health-related fields.