Annual Fund

With your support, the future looks bright for MAS and the students we educate. Our scholars see themselves as worthy of opportunities in life that their zip code or socio-economic status may not predict.

We must rise to meet the challenge of educating our children for the future with innovative STEM programming, strong partnerships, and the integration of technology in our classrooms. We must provide opportunities for students to develop practical skills that will translate to success in postsecondary education and the workforce. There is so much work to do, and the truth is we cannot do it without you.

When you support improved educational outcomes for our young people, you assure a stronger, brighter future for everyone in our community.

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Please consider contributing to our Annual Fund. Gifts of any amount provide our school with much-needed unrestricted resources to maintain and improve current opportunities and respond to emerging needs. Your support today will go a long way in ensuring that our young scholars will continue to have access to a quality education.